Salsa Celtica

+ Ensamble Criollo

Monday 26 April 2010 7.30pm
Queen Elizabeth Hall
South Bank Centre
0870 380 4300

Salsa Celtica live in a musical country of their own devising where a Scottish reel can slide from a fiddle to a violin and pop out as a Cuban charanga. Descended from Venezuelan oil-folk marooned off Scotlands East Coast in the seventeenth century, raised on neeps, tatties and deep-fried empanadas (and old Egrem and Topic 78s) the Salsa Celtica tribe take no prisoners.

Salsa Celtica return to La Linea after five years, following a sold out show at the same venue in 2005.

Ensamble Criollo play an opening set of their virtuoso take on traditional music  from the Venezuelan & Colombian llaneras.

Arts Council England