Ojos de Brujo

+ La Troba Kung Fu

Sunday 22 November 2009 8pm
Colston Hall
0117 922 3686

"Driven relentlessly by frenetic percussion this is music thatcan’t fail to move you; live, the impressive presence of the dramaticallycoiffed Marina and her large band of musicians, video projections, a whirlinglight show and a beatboxer/flamenco dancer face-off make for an evening ofpassion and spectacle." (Metro)

"An elemental force: a caravan of colour, sound andmovement." (Straight No Chaser)

"This is incendiary music, they cannot and surely will not beignored" – Songlines
"Infectious Debut, Manu Chao Stylepop/rock…. hits the ground running and doesn’t let up!!" 5/5 STARS TheIndependent

"Notso much a pop group…. more an attitude… more a way of life…. more a wayof thinking" – BBC Music