Mexico goes Morrissey

Monday 11 May 2015 7.30pm
The Regent Theater
448 S. Main St.
Los Angeles

The affair between Mexico and Morrissey runs deep; the British crooner’s songs of love, loss and longing, with powerful imagery and metaphors have found their way into Latin culture since Morrissey’s seminal 80s band The Smiths.

Mexrrissey is a revolving collective of musicans including Ceci Bastida (Tijuana No!) , Sergio Mendoza (Orkestra Mendoza/Calexico) Camilo Lara (Mexico Institute Of Sound) plus more. The renditions add horns and accordions, borrow from cumbias and rancheras to interpret a new spirt into the songs.

Camilo says “I think for the people that know, I’m sure that they will be amazed that the songs can go into these directions of cumbia and boleros and sound actually as if they were written in that style.”

Camilo adds “We try to get a glimpse of the poetry in Morrissey’s work and to capture the irony, the anger and the happiness at the same time that has been a challenge.”