Mexico Goes Morrissey

Monday 27 April 2015 6.30pm
Royal Concert Hall at Rescue Rooms
25 Goldsmith Street
0115 828 3173

“Nothing the world holds could match the love waiting for me in Mexico City” Morrissey

In Mexico Morrissey has always been a prophet with honour. His songs of love, loss and longing, with powerful imagery and metaphors have found a huge audience and chimed with generations raised on rancheras and mariachis and their singers who were not afraid to cross the line.

Now the love can be returned, with a band made in Mexico City reinventing Morrissey’s songs south of the border. Together they sound like a brass and accordion led combo from the smallest village with the biggest bleeding heart.

The first of the gang is Camilo Lara, the force insideMexican Institute of Sound, who together with Sergio Mendoza (Orkesta Mendoza/Calexico), has put together a team of  musical gunslingers from Mexico’s finest bands. Viva MEXRISSEY.

Part of Year of Mexico in the UK 2015
Produced by La Linea – The London Latin Music Festival in association with the Barbican.