Marinah (from Ojos de Brujo)

+ Fernando's Kitchen

Photo: Oriana Eliçabe Photo: Oriana Eliçabe Fernando's Kitchen
Friday 11 April 2014 Doors 8pm
Rich Mix
35-47 Bethnal Green Rd
E1 6LA
020 7613 7498

She is Marinah. Her name was Marina Abad and in an earlier life she was lead singer and central to the creative force within Barcelona’s Ojos de Brujo.

Marinah presents her new project El Baile de las Horas for the first time in the UK.  Marinah’s new sound combines some elements from Ojos but also a new softness in her voice and a fresh sense of positivity in her music and lyrics.

Marinah composed all the tracks on the new  El Baile de las Horas record and her long time collaborator  and live band member Carlos Sarduy produced and arranged them. Carlos has frequently worked with Javier Limón, Buika, Ainhoa Arteta and Ojos de Brujos and his trumpet playing can be heard on the films ‘Chico & Rita’ by Fernando Trueba and  Pedro Almodovar’s ‘The Skin I Live In’.

Marinah says, “This is the first stop on a journey that has just started and that without a doubt will take us to different and unfamiliar ports.

These songs that appear on the record have been with me for a while, they sounded fresh and different in my head. I felt as if they were part of me, as a woman, a mother and a musician.

I had to make this record to be loyal to the present…. So I could evolve, continue being sincere and continue learning about myself.

Whilst writing the songs, I was listening to the voices of children, to strings, to electric guitars, flamenco guitars…. and to the waves of the sea.”

Fernando’s Kitchen have put flamenco, north African and Latin sounds into the blender in their funky London cocina and serve the results hot and spicy as Marinah’s support act.