Lucha Libre London

Friday 4 July - Sunday 6 July 2008
Chalk Farm Road
0844 482 8008

London’s Summer Spectacular!!! Lucha Libre London is the UK’s introduction to Mexican Lucha Libre. A spectacular event bursting with heroism and villainy, masked athleticism, virtuosity and the uniquely Mexican high-flying take on free wrestling. Lucha Libre London presents sixteen of the best of the best of Mexico’s luchadores including El Hijo del Santo (the greatest living luchador and son of the all time great El Santo), Blue Demon Jnr (the man in the blue mask), Ramses (fighting star of Jack Black’s Nacho Libre) in a full-on struggle for the soul of Mexico. Lucha Libre London is staged in a specially constructed ‘luchodrome’ built in Camden’s Roundhouse. The circular arena features ringside and balcony seats, a VIP area and standing views for this one-off event. Lucha Libre London begins the moment you enter the Luchodrome with Mexican DJs, live-show relay, special films and animations introducing the luchadores and themed food and drink. Lucha Libre London takes you on a exhilarating, foot-stamping, air-punching journey to the centre of a life-affirming struggle where rudos fight tecnicos and where good does not always triumph over evil.