La Raza: London Latin Hip Hop Festival

Feat: Street Souls featuring K-llejero, Dogman and Guerrera + Los Ministros de la Habana + Proyecto Viva Cuba + Indio Lyrico + Sangre Latina and Flowsnatcha

Street Souls Indio Lyrico Indio Lyrico Los Ministros de la Habana Los Ministros de la Habana
Friday 19 April 2013 Doors 8pm-1am
Rich Mix
35-47 Bethnal Green Road
E1 6LA
020 7613 7498

Street Souls is the driving force of the Urban Latin scene in the UK. Led by rapper Mike K-llejero, the face of UK Latin Hip Hop, they have been dropping tunes and videos at a staggering speed during the last 2 years , gaining a massive underground following across south and east London. They also feature Dogman, an eccentric flow machine known for having deep verbal content and clever rhyme patterns and Guerrera, a female rapper who is making waves in the scene for her fearless approach to the lyrical game.

Los Ministros de la Habana are Cubans. Huevo (ex leader of the award winning rap outfit Los Paisanos), Lolo MC and percussionist Gerardo De Armas (ex Yoruba Andabo) bring together a new cocktail of fresh beats and musicality, fusing rap with rumba, reggaeton and timba.

Rene Alvarez and Proyecto Viva Cuba. Rene is a singer, songwriter, composer, arranger and musical director of many musical  outfits.  He brings his new musical project to London, Proyecto Viva Cuba, a mixed of timba, reggaeton and urban beats, a reflection of what is popular in Cuba right now.

Indio Lyrico is a veteran of the London urban Latin scene, Indio brings his Bolivian roots and a social edge to his lyrics. He has gone from an underground rapper to a less hardcore one, without compromising his message.

Sangre Latina were winners of the first ever Lukas Awards as Urban act of the year in 2012, Sangre Latina is a very popular hip hop collective of rappers from Dominican Republic, Colombia and the UK, with tunes that go from party anthems to the every day hustle that Latinos go through.

Flowsnatcha, a duet formed by Cuban rapper Floiran “Flow” Bravo, a veteran of the Urban Latin scene, and Aram “Snatcha” Balanovski, recently winners of the Latin UK Awards (LUKAS) as Urban Act of the year.  They combine the sound of hip hop with the  moombah, electro, reggaeton and all the new urban tendencies coming out of London. A unique sound and  truly representative of the future of the London Latin sound.


Presented with Candela UK