Kevin Johansen + Liniers

Friday 13 September Doors 7pm
EartH Theatre
11-17 Stoke Newington Rd
N16 8BH
020 7422 7505
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Kevin Johansen’s songs are fun, deep, playful, intelligent and thoughtful. Tonight he leads us on a tour through his eclectic, supple and subtle song catalogue, while his friend and collaborator, Argentinian cartoonist Liniers, improvises and recreates the songs in drawings, in real time, on an onstage screen. Music and illustrations envelope the viewer. 

Liniers takes the stage to share lines, images and sequences alongside Johansen’s rhythm and voice. A live book, or an illustrated concert? This is a unique opportunity to appreciate and enjoy this accomplished duo and their shared works of art.

The book OOPS! was made together by Kevin and Liniers 16 years ago. It included the lyrics of Kevin’s records, illustrated by Liniers, with interviews, photos, and a comic about Kevin J + The Nada (Kevin´s band). After its publication Kevin and Liniers went on tour  all over Latin America and Europe, and look here they come now…

‘Random, witty and sometimes reckless, the songs are as catchy as they come and Johansen a naturally engaging storyteller.’ The Independent

‘Whether in English or Spanish the much-travelled singer’s left-field take on Latin music is quite beautiful.’ The Observer

14+ Each under 18 year old must be accompanied by one responsible adult.