J Noa

Sunday 27 October Doors 7pm
The Lower Third
26 Denmark St
Book Via Ticket Agencies

Don’t miss J Noa, the Dominican Republic’s rap star, live in London! Catch her performance on Sunday, October 27th at The Lower Third.

The world of hip hop has always been a breeding ground for social commentary, with rappers acting as storytellers of their communities. Dominican Republic’s J Noa is a shining example of this tradition.

Born Nohelys Jimenez in San Cristobal, J Noa’s artistic journey began early. Surrounded by the rich culture and music of her neighborhood, she honed her skills in cyphers, often the only young woman present. By the age of 8, she was crafting her first verses, and by 11, her first song was born.

J Noa’s music goes beyond catchy beats. Known as “la hija del rap” (daughter of rap), she tackles themes of gender equality, challenging societal norms. Her lyrics delve into the realities of her community, exploring issues like poverty, violence, and the fight for education. As J Noa herself states, rappers are “the journalists of our hoods,” and her music serves as a powerful lens on these realities.

J Noa is a shining example of this tradition receiving a Latin Grammy nomination last year for her song ‘Autodidacta’ and performing at NPR’s Tiny Desk that year.