Wednesday 22 April Doors 7pm
The Jazz Cafe
5 Parkway
020 7485 6834
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Melingo is a Buenos Aires based musician and tango artist, his songs both deceptively tender and desperately catchy, with a brilliantly wayward cast of musicians to illuminate his vignettes. Tonight Melingo performs from his new album Tango Rebetiko (released March 2020) which completes the musical circle of his family’s ida y vuelta from Greece to Argentina.

Melingo’s mother’s side of the family were tango people, but on his father’s side his grandmother sang opera. Melingo’s incessant touring brought him into contact with other ancestral musical roots when a Viennese woman, Daniela Melingo, sought him out at a concert in Austria. She turned out to be his second cousin, descended from a brother of Melingo’s Ravel-loving grandfather, and told him that their family came from the Greek island of Zakynthos, the birthplace of rebetiko, Greece’s anarchic musical movement.

With the precision of Borges and the bluntness of Bukowski, Melingo crafts atmospheric musical statements that transport listeners to a gotan world of lunfardo backslang, drug addicts, drifters, deadbeats and alcoholics. It’s no surprise Melingo’s tango bizarro sound has been compared to that of Tom Waits and Nick Cave.

“The man who makes Tango seriously cool!” The Independent

“A mesmerising stage presence.” The Times

18+. Everyone must carry a valid form of ID.