La Yegros

+ Imperio Bamba + Carlitos Nino (Arriba la Cumbia)

Tuesday 16 April Doors 7pm
The Jazz Cafe
5 Parkway
020 7485 6834

La Yegros returns to La Linea with a brand new show and new album released Haz i released on 29 March.

It was 2013 when, with a cumbia beat, Viene de Mí propelled La Yegros to the ears of the world. La Yegros is Queen of Nu-Cumbia, a mix of South American musical traditions with Jamaican dancehall and electronica. La Yegros brings pyrotechnics, breathtaking energy and her exuberant personality, inventing her own folklore by knitting together new rhythms and integrating original sounds (bassoon, transverse flute, flamenco guitar) with echoes of reggae and funk.

Her parents come from Misiones, a province bordering Brazil and Paraguay, filled with the sounds of Chamamé, Carnavalito and Colombian cumbia. La Yegros herself is a native of Buenos Aires, alive with dancehall and electronic bass. These influences fused in two successful albums, Magnetismo (2016) and Suelta (2019).

‘If ever Pedro Almodóvar wanted a new muse, he need look no further than La Yegros.’ Songlines