Afro Cuban Music Room

Sunday 5 May 2019 2pm - 8pm
EartH Concert Hall
11-17 Stoke Newington Road
N16 8BH
020 7422 7505

The  Afro Cuban Music Room is a musical-filmic experience with a difference. An immersive event, it transports you to the city of Matanzas, where you will experience Cuban rumba played in the space where it was created, the solares (tenement yards).

Walk into the space and musicians are playing all around you – if you get close to one you can pick out the sound of their instrument as if you were there. Everyday life goes on around the musicians with family and friends wandering in to watch, dance and sing.

The Music Room features performances by musicians from the leading Cuban rumba group Muñequitos de Matanzas in a low-tech immersive experience created by Sara McGuinness, Simon Zagorski-Thomas and El Almacén collective from Matanzas.

Photos and interviews by Sonia Pérez Cassola and Yaniela Morales.

With financial support from the University of West London.