Thiago Soares & Danilo D'Alma

Saturday 1 May 2021 9.30pm
Teatro Tivoli BBVA
Av. da Liberdade 182-188
Lisboa, Portugal
+35 1213 572025

After selling out the Tivoli BBVA Theatre in 2019 with the show Duelo, Thiago Soares – Principal Guest Artist at the Royal Ballet in London – is back in Lisbon with Brazilian street dancer Danilo D’Alma to present Roots, a show in which ballet and street dance meet.

Based on the early life of Soares, two dance talents blend their different styles on stage. This dialogue between the classic and the spontaneous unites a traditional genre – ballet – with contemporary dance, breakdance, and hip hop, underscoring the power of their expressive bodies.

Conceived by Thiago Soares, the performance arrives in Portugal after a short season in Brazil and reunites him again with Ugo Alexandre, his first choreographer.

Brazilian dancer Soares was born in Rio de Janeiro, attending the Circus School in Rio de Janeiro where he was encouraged to look for a dance school to perfect his breakdance and hip-hop movements. He started training at the Rio de Janeiro Centre for Dance at 15 years old, joining the Municipal Theatre Ballet in 1998, and the Royal Ballet in 2002. He regularly appears as a guest artist with companies including La Scala, Milan.

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